Jonathan Tarleton : Essays & Interviews

Seeing Like a Burglar
The Washington Spectator, May 2016

Black Radical Weeksville
Urban Omnibus, September 2014

When Art Imitates Life on a Chinatown Bus
Next City, March 2016

Dispatches from the Blitz: On the Trail of Biodiversity
Urban Omnibus, September 2015

Anti-Fragile: The Uncertain Future of Arverne East
Urban Omnibus, April 2014

Local Connections: The Red Hook WiFi Project
with Tony Schloss and Jonathan Baldwin
Urban Omnibus, September 2013

Beauty Within Darkness: Khalik Allah Captures 125th and Lex
Urban Omnibus, March 2015

MoMA’s Uneven Growth Lives Up to Its Name
Urban Omnibus, March 2015

Odyssey Works: The City for an Audience of One
with Abe Burickson
Urban Omnibus, December 2013

Quantifying Community: Hudson Yards to Partner with NYU’s CUSP
Urban Omnibus, April 2014

Listening in at Talking Transition
Urban Omnibus, November 2013

Forager’s Metropolis: A Conversation with Marla Emery
Urban Omnibus, September 2015

Living Los Sures, Past and Present
with Chris Allen, Aris Dilone, and Ramon Peguero
Urban Omnibus, October 2014

Taking on the Immensity of Climate Change through Song
Urban Omnibus, April 2014

American Guide series: On Steinway Village, Sunset Park, Sukkahs, the Triborough Bridge, and Floyd Bennett Field
Urban Omnibus, The American Guide, May – November, 2013

Cast Iron Symphony: A Concerto for Buildings
with Kevin Moran and Paula Matthusen
Urban Omnibus
, July 2015

The Analytics of Fire
with Jeffrey Roth
Urban Omnibus, June 2014

Selected Edits
Venture Capital’s Commune
by Ava Kofman

Salt Pile
by Dan Adams and Marie Law Adams

Bronx Contours
by Kris Graves

Leaving the Sea: Staten Islanders Experiment with Managed Retreat
by Elizabeth Rush

Middlewhere: Landscapes of Library Logistics
by Shannon Mattern

The Right to Budget
by John Surico

Tune In: Soundscapes of New York
by Anne Guthrie

Staying Power: Organizing for Affordable Housing in NYC
by Nick Juravich

Debating Privatization: Southbridge Towers Votes
by Charles Chawalko

Borderlands: Traveling the Brooklyn-Queens Divide
by Joseph Heathcott

Pneumatics Tubes for One New York’s Trash
by Juliette Spertus and Benjamin Miller

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